Branded Braai Tongs – Corporate Gifts

Branded Braai Tongs

We manufacture and brand South Africa’s No.1 Braai Tongs for Corporate Companies. Market your business in a unique way with a corporate gift that will get seen.

With any company today it’s always nice to see your brand out and about in the public eye, it generates a good positive feeling that you are doing something right in your business. For us, we enjoy seeing people braaing with a decent pair of tongs, ours of course :). But when it comes to branding and marketing we would like to see our tongs become your very own marketing tools.

Since South Africa is a braai nation, it is a known fact that at any given time of the day, 1000’s of people will be having a braai at home around the country. Your customers will be part of these statistics, so why not give them a good quality braai tong with your brand and let them do the marketing for you.

Branded Braai Tongs can be used for golf days, company launches, sale ads, gifts, prizes and more. We can discuss your logo and the braai tong handles and see what will work well for your brand and your customers, who in return will become your volunteer marketing staff after hours by just enjoying their usual braai days and waving your branded wand.  🙂

Happy Braaing!


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