Tongs are a tool used to grip and lift certain objects, and can come in different sizes as well as different shapes and designs. They all have their specific uses. However, since we are a Braai / BBQ Tong website, we won’t give you a history lesson on all the tongs when you can rather pop over to Tongs – Wikipedia for all that information.

We have been manufacturing our tongs since the 1980’s in South Africa and they have become the preferred tongs by many avid braaiers around the country over the years. The quality and strength of our steel helps our tongs to stand the test of time against the cheap inferior products that end up making it into South Africa.

We understand times are tough in our country when saving R10-R20 on a set of tongs can help and go a long way for some, but remember that if you have to replace your tongs a few times in the year due to the quality of the cheaper imports breaking, you could of bought 3 decent tongs instead ??

Tongs, as mentioned in the beginning of this page, are types of tools that are manufactured for specific uses, like our tongs are made for Braaing and BBQing which is the gripping, lifting and turning of meat on the fire, but people tend to use the tongs for picking up the burning wood or coals, or even picking up and turning the grid. Or better yet, some households have three tongs, each one has it’s role to play during the Braai / BBQ, but even though we know our tongs are capable of so much more than just turning the meat, we advise you to use it specifically for this purpose or in the kitchen when frying or as salad tongs if need be.

Kitchen Baby Tongs of good quality will be added to our range soon which will be dedicated to those morning fry ups and for your smaller dishes around the dinner table. We will put an update on our website TheBraaiTong once launched.

Corporate Branded Tongs is something that we are proud of as we have worked with many amazing companies around South Africa helping them spread their brand in the best way we know possible as South Africans, and that is through braaing and braai tongs. You can click here and goto Corporate Branded Braai Tongs and see some examples of our branded handles. If you would like your company to be part of this amazing marketing strategy, then please get in touch with us. Your customers will love to receive a pair of your companies own personalized braai tongs, and then let them do your marketing for you over the years, it’s a win win.

Personalized Braai Tongs is another section of our business whereby we brand and personalize our tongs for special occasions like Birthdays, Weddings, Fathers Day, Xmas Gifts, House Warming Gifts, Guys Gifts and many other Anniversary’s that are worth the fuss and memories. If you have something that you would like branded or engraved on our tongs, please drop us an email and we will gladly help you design something. To email Click Here


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